Proper care following your procedure is required to achieve the best results. Some loss of color after the initial treatment is normal. Follow-up appointments are recommended 6-12 weeks after the initial procedure. 

0-7 days after:

Wash the area with mild soap and water with clean fingertips within 2-3 hours of procedure (Dial Soap, Cetaphil or Neutrogena). Be very gentle and pat dry.

Apply a very thin coat of the provided ointment once in the morning and once at night for 5-7 days. Very minimal ointment is all that is needed. Remember, your skin needs air/oxygen in order to heal well. Do not panic if you missed an ointment application, just resume as normal.

If slight crust appears (usually around day 3 or 4) on the tattooed surface do not force removal by picking or scratching as this may potentially remove some of the color prematurely.

Protect your eyebrows from friction or rubbing  (you can use a neck pillow when sleeping).

Protect your eyebrows from overexposure to sun, sweat, or heat. (avoid vigorous exercise).

Do not use products containing AHA’s, Retinol, or other acids on or near pigmented areas.

Use a fresh/clean pillow case.


Avoid sleeping on your face if possible for the first 3-4 days after.

Avoid swimming, lakes, hot tubs and long steaming showers. When bathing keep the area as dry as possible.

Avoid topical makeup including sunscreen on the procedure area.

If you experience excessive itching, swelling or blistering or any other complications post procedure, stop using your aftercare ointment and call me immediately. You may be allergic to the aftercare product.

If you have excessive pain or discharge on the procedure area contact your physician and technician as the area may be infected.

Long term aftercare: Use a good sunscreen, as sun exposure will cause your permanent makeup to fade. Be sure to inform the technician of your permanent makeup if you are planning a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or laser procedure. Be careful with products like Retin-A, chemical peels, acid peels, or any other rapid skin exfoliation products. Using them regularly on the forehead area will cause permanent eyebrow makeup to fade prematurely.​